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Buying a Home - What responsibilities do I have during the mortgage process?

To ensure you won't fall victim to loan fraud when buying a home, be sure to follow all of these steps as you apply for a mortgage loan:

  • Be sure to read and understand everything before you sign.

  • Refuse to sign any blank documents.  

  • Do not buy property for someone else.  

  • Do not overstate your income.

  • Do not overstate how long you have been employed.

  • Do not overstate your assets.  

  • Accurately report your debts.  

  • Do not change your income tax returns for any reason. Tell the whole truth about gifts. 

  • Do not list fake co-borrowers on your loan application.

  • Be truthful about your credit problems, past and present.  

  • Be honest about your intention to occupy the house

  • Do not provide false supporting documents.

>> Learn how to close your Real Estate Transaction when buying a home 


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